A District Head becomes an Advocate of Community PMTCT

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Sundimina town is approximately 85km from Birnin Kudu town within B/Kudu LGA of Jigawa State. A rising jewel city in Northern Nigeria. Peaceful and captivating from its vast reservoir of rice farms and home of the Hadejia-Jama’are river basin. On the 11th day of December 2013, financial support from the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) got to Sundumina community. (more…)


Making a difference through mass media


Effective communication has long been recognized as the gateway to impactful programming at all levels of project planning, engagement, implementation, monitoring and feedback to the community. Factual information on transmission and cure of TB has remained inadequate resulting in treatment failures and ever increasing incidence of DR-TB in Nigeria. This informed the decision by FHI 360 to embark on state wide broadcast of radio and television (TV) jingles, and bulk short message services (SMS) in five (5) states of Nigeria, namely, Lagos, Kano, Cross River, Edo and Anambra states. (more…)


Akwa Ibom State Vulnerable Children: A Chance for a Brighter Future


Birth registration is an essential national requirement for identification of any individual in a civil society. Many children orphaned by AIDS in Akwa Ibom state had suffered the double jeopardy of not been numbered and counted among the citizens of the land thereby disenfranchising them from their basic rights and benefits. The USAID funded SIDHAS project through a community based organization (CBO) – AIDs Care Managers, conducted an assessment for vulnerable children (VC) using the National child status index and vulnerability index tool.  Eight (8) communities (Equita, Eyo Abasi, Offi, Ube, Ediene abak, Ukpom abak, Mbierebe and Atanoffot) were assessed with about 3,000 children identified to be without formal registration and therefore no birth certificates. These findings were worrisome considering the huge numbers of children without formal identification.  Most births in these communities are done at the homes of traditional birth attendants and other non-health facilities such as homes and churches.   (more…)


Saving Lives and improving livelihoods through community multi – drug Resistant tuberculosis care

Tasiu (middle) standing in front of his new photography studio (February 2015) with his “directly observed treatment short course” (DOTS) provider and the Local Government TB Supervisor

Tasiu was diagnosed with multi drug resistant TB (MDR TB) in January 2014 and is one of many such patients spread across Kano State. Tasiu’s battle with tuberculosis (TB) began in 2008 while he was training to become a teacher at the Federal College of Education in Kano State. He noticed what at that time appeared to be a mild cough. He visited the nearest patent medicine vendor (PMV), where an over the counter drug was given to him. He took the cough medications as prescribed but his cough never went away. His condition continued to deteriorate. He started noticing drenching night sweats and the fever became more frequent triggering a danger alert that now he needed to see a doctor and get a proper diagnosis. His visit to one of the major health facilities in the state revealed a diagnosis of TB and he was immediately started on treatment. Tasiu completed his treatment regimen for pulmonary TB with interruptions from time to time due to the strike action embarked upon by health care workers at that time. (more…)