Resourcing the State Health Service: The Bauchi State Roadmap to Sustainable Healthcare Service


There is a school of thought that posits that improvements in the quality of care depends upon greater resources being devoted to health care while another group believes that improvements in healthcare can be achieved by better use of these resources. These schools of thought now coalesces in the recent proactive steps taken by the Bauchi State Committee on AIDS, Tuberculosis & Malaria (BACATMA) to develop capacities for resource mobilization and go a step further to ensure that these resources are deployed for the purpose for which they are generated. The desire to achieve this goal led BACATMA and the State AIDS/STIs Control Program (SASCP) into a joint initiative to develop a roadmap towards resourcing for health and positioning the state structures towards attracting bilateral and multilateral funding to boost support to the 3 (HIV/TB/Malaria) major disease areas. The first step in this regard was to build the capacities of the Agency and Ministry of Health staff to take on the challenge of resource mobilization, strategic management and proper accountability of funds received by the state for health. (more…)


She Dared to Hope: A Story of Triumph


Her story…..“My name is Elizabeth Abraham. My first visit to Sura PHC was in February 2014 when I came to register for antenatal care (ANC). At this time, I was already approaching my delivery date. I was counselled and offered HIV test as part of the routine ANC screening. During the post-test counselling I got to know that I was HIV positive. At that moment I became very cold and really sad. Different thoughts started running through my head – “am I going to die? What will happen to my two little children?” (more…)


Mama: Taking the Driver’s Seat in the Community Anti-Retroviral Therapy Wagon in Anua Community


The community anti-retroviral Therapy (cART) wagon continued its journey to Anua community, a suburb of Uyo LGA. Stories are often told of difficulties experienced in penetrating traditionally secluded communities with innovative projects or ideas. This sometimes portends a challenge for effective community involvement, participation, and ownership. Unsure of the reception that would greet their entry into the community, the cART team approached the community gates with trepidation. Little did they know that providence had arranged an astute community influencer fondly known as “Mama,” the kind spirited, and cheerful leader of Anua Market Women’s Association. She welcomed the team and in so doing, symbolically opened the gates of Anua community to the team! Their sense of relief was palpable and the team proceeded to inform “Mama” of their mission to her community. (more…)


Rays of Hope: Community Anti-Retroviral Therapy at work in Rivers State

Marine Base cART site

It’s another day in Ekpeye Kingdom, Ahoada East local government area (LGA) of Rivers state. The scenery was enchanting. The people oblivious of the visitors went about their ancestral business of farming, fishing and enquiring about each other’s state of wellbeing. Across the street, a child cries out and music booms from a nearby restaurant. It was so easy to forget that the LGA in which the community is located has one of the highest prevalence’s rates for HIV in Rivers State (12.5% culled from Rivers State operational plan for eMTCT, 2013 – 2015. The overall state prevalence is currently at 15.2% – NARHS plus 2012). Time is ticking and one year has crawled by since the local government health workers embarked on an indefinite strike action. In the midst of these bleak times, 5 persons have since died as a result of HIV/AIDS. However, with the advent of community anti-retroviral therapy (cART) bearing with it intensified HIV awareness campaigns, treatment, care and support services, hope returned once again to the people of Ekpeye Kingdom as they welcomed the cART team. (more…)