Advocacy to Action: Strengthening Health Systems through Community Tuberculosis Care Program in Kano state


Tuberculosis (TB) is often described as the unseen shadow in every breath and the silent whisper in the rush of hail and wind that follows us wherever we go. We are sometime helpless in its grip and can only hope that our bodies are ready with its defenses as we exhale and inhale the air of life. While we cringe at the thought of the presence of TB virus in the air we breathe, it is however known to be more prevalent amongst people with low socioeconomic status and poor living conditions. Since this most vulnerable population is everywhere around us, keeping TB at bay therefore requires the concerted effort of everyone and continuous engagement of communities to increase awareness and prompt hospital visits when symptoms of TB become manifest. The need to galvanize institutional support towards curbing further spread, ensuring prompt referral and treatment and eliminating stigma around the disease cannot be overemphasized. Little wonder, the carefully designed Stop TB Strategy explicitly speaks of the need to empower communities as well as ensure government participation in the prevention and treatment of TB. (more…)


Improving Quality of care through Health System Strengthening: The IDH experience

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Infectious Disease Hospital (IDH), Kano is one of the many SIDHAS project supported facilities through funding support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). IDH provides comprehensive HIV services to over 8,000 clients and as such one can erroneously assume that information and records would be inaccurate and incomplete due to the high volume of clients and inadequate manpower. But that is not our story at IDH.
When the implementation of the USAID funded SIDHAS project began in 2011, the excitement in the air especially amongst all stakeholders was almost palpable. But it was not all smiles for me. As the head of the hospital records unit at IDH Kano, I understood the mandate of the SIDHAS project was going to significantly expand the coverage of antiretroviral treatment services in the state.


Take a Deeper Look at our work with our 2014 Annual Report!


We hope you enjoy learning more about our work and explore the interactive features of this year’s annual report. Our funders, counterparts and partners make the achievements presented here possible. Their support and encouragement enables us to turn ideas into solutions that open the doors of opportunity. (more…)


A Twin Victory: The Inspiring Story of a Couple that overcame all odds


Mr. and Mrs. Luka Dauda started their married life filled with the usual fairy tale hope of “boy meets girl, get married and have a house full of children.” (more…)