Reaching for the Stars: The Inspiring Story of Fatima Tayabu – Zamfara State, Nigeria

The first thing one notices about Fatima is her charming and captivating open smile which adorns her face like a half moon. As the streets come alive with the first rays of sun, one sees even more clearly the guarded looks from the other children getting set for the day’s activities and the striking realization that smiles are not common place. This is not unconnected to the restrictive upbringing and early disciplines imposed by culture and traditions. But Fatima cannot stop smiling; come to think of it, she cannot stop herself from doing several other things. For example, walking few kilometers to go to school every morning, rain or shine. And this makes nine-year-old Fatima the first literate person in her family of seven. (more…)


Four Pillars PLUS Project Supports Cross River State Government to Institutionalize School-related Gender-based Violence Response and Prevention System

With a vision to create a safe and enabling environment for young people to complete secondary education, protect their health and optimize their potential, FHI 360 Four Pillars PLUS (4PP) project conducted a needs assessment (2016) on “Safe Schools and School-related Gender-based Violence (SRGBV)” in the four project secondary schools in Calabar educational zone. Findings from the assessment highlighted the existence of various forms of Gender-based Violence (GBV), in and around the schools, including violence perpetrated by teachers against students. GBV was equally observed between students and in rare cases, students against teachers. (more…)


Four Pillars PLUS Project: Breaking down Barriers to Parent-Child Communication and Improving Parents’ Commitment to Adolescent Education

“My mother and I were not close like a mother and a child should be. We never talk. My siblings and I were only given instructions – do this or don’t do that. This was always as far as the conversation would go. It always felt strange that it had to be that way. I always admired other children when I see the closeness with their mothers and longed for the same. My dream was to come true when the Four Pillars PLUS project came to my community. (more…)


Adaptation: Key to building a stronger Nigeria

On August 3, 2017, FHI 360 will host an event, Building Resilient Communities in Changing Times, in Abuja, Nigeria.

FHI 360 has had a continuous presence in Nigeria for more than 30 years, and our programs have reached more than 20 million Nigerians. Over that time, our commitment to using science to improve lives has required us to adapt our programs and be flexible and creative. (more…)

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